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Ri Anderson:

Artist | Photographer | Designer | Master Printer

I am a compulsive image maker. My passion for creating surface patterns and converting them to original handmade products grew out of my art photography and darkroom printing background. When shifting from an analogue to a digital workflow, I began morphing personal imagery into fantastical patterns.


Having moved from Boston MA to central Mexico in 2005 with a 2 year old and another on the way, I began creating art and designs from my personal photo library. My earliest design work was created by "digitally embroidering" photos of my daughters' hair and birth into elaborate patterns.

From there I couldn't stop. I made designs using imagery of flowers, landscapes, cities lit up at night, whatever inspired me. For me the most important thing about a design is the meaning and symbolism it contains. I love using a form that may or may not be noticeable at first, but that always reveals itself when you look closely.


I believe that décor for you and your home should contain meaning, and that meaning leads me through every step of my creative process. I manage every detail of design and production from beginning concept to end product.


In addition to my art for the home I create fine art prints have been exhibited and published worldwide. To view my fine art gallery prints please visit

Who I am



I believe in creating products on demand, and I use every bit of material printed so nothing goes to waste. Every bit of printed material gets resourced in my various product offerings from handbags to masks. And every bit of scrap printing paper gets used for color proofing and small print jobs such as postcards and business cards. Furthermore, I print with pigment inks which use only a fraction of the water used in reactive dye printing, and zero toxins. The high quality of my work and my client based custom approach ensures that my products will last a very long time, reducing landfill and consumption.


I believe in being surrounded by things that are filled with beauty and personal meaning. I am 100% committed to creating prints and products that achieve this for you. It makes me so happy to create artwork and products that come from my heart, and to collaborate with you to create something that is beautiful and meaningful to you. Your joy and satisfaction is my greatest reward.


See where my work is featured in local spaces: Ri Anderson’s Wescover Map


Ri Anderson is the consummate artist who brings her imaginative mind, her fine aesthetic, her skills and her knowledge to create objects which have both beautiful form and efficient function.” 


—  Janice Gordon, Artist

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