I am a compulsive image maker. I started my adult life as a philosopher, then became a photographer, artist, mother, master printer, circus performer, and finally a designer (in that order).

My design work started when I was on the computer late one night and began tweaking photographs of my children. I became fascinated by the patterns in their hairstyles, and started isolating braids and ponytails, and forming them into intricate patterns via computer programs. I call this technique "digital embroidery" because of its time consuming, repetitive, and calming nature. I created entire design and art collections made up of my children's hair.

From there I couldn't stop. I made designs using imagery of flowers, landscapes, cities lit up at night, whatever inspired me. For me the most important thing about a design is the meaning and symbolism it contains. I love using a form that may or may not be noticeable at first, but that always reveals itself when you look closely. I believe that décor for your home should contain meaning, and that meaning leads me through every step of my creative process. I consider myself a fine art photographer, photoshop virtuoso, and master printer as well as a designer. I manage every detail of design and production from beginning concept to end product.

To view Anderson's photographic art please visit www.rianderson.com

I received my MFA at Massachusetts College of Art. My artwork has been widely exhibited throughout the United States, Canada, China and Mexico where I currently live with my two daughters in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. My original designs can be found in luxury hotels and homes throughout Mexico and the United States. In my free time I can be found hanging from a trapeze with my GravityWorks compadres.


Ri Anderson is the consummate artist who brings her imaginative mind, her fine aesthetic, her skills and her knowledge to create objects which have both beautiful form and efficient function.” 


—  Janice Gordon, Artist

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