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There are a lot of printers out there. Why work with me? I provide the highest quality archival giclée printing services available. A professional digital printer for over 12 years, I previously worked in analogue black and white and color darkrooms in museums and universities in the United States. 


My clients are the most discerning photographers, artists, gallery owners and museums both in Mexico and internationally. With my in depth knowledge of color correcting and photoshop, and my art printing experience and expertise, as well as my state of the art technology and imported papers, I know how to make your images look consistently rich, seamless in their transitions, and just the way you want them to look -- gorgeous! And, they will last for 100-200+ years without color fading.


Every custom print that I make includes minor color adjustments and proofing free of charge. I work closely with you to provide the print you want, on the paper that best suits the image, at the size it can hold up. Every client has unique needs and every image has its own aesthetic quality. I collaborate with you to manifest the finest quality attainable. Together we make decisions about choice of paper, size, tonal qualities, saturation, sharpness, and more. 


I work from the digital file(s) that you provide, altering it/them when needed to maximize print quality. If the file is not sufficient for your needs I am available to provide art reproduction, high resolution photography and scanning, and photoshop manipulation to maximize the quality of your final print.


I ensure consistent color and tonal qualities in every print that makes up a limited edition. I provide Certificates of Authenticity and also provide worldwide shipping. And, in this time of social distancing I provide complimentary delivery of proofs and final prints within San Miguel de Allende.

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printers and inks


I use state of the art technology and materials to produce fine art editions of the highest caliber. Using HP Designjet large format printers, and Vivera 12 pigment ink system, I produce exquisite color and the richest black and white prints with fade resistance of 200 years and more.

The inks provide radiant color and transitions, enhanced shadow and highlight detail, and reduced image grain for stunning prints both in color and black and white. The Vivera pigment inks create up to 72.9 million rich, brilliant colors to bring your images to life, and our quad-tones produce black and white prints with smooth transitions and neutral grays across different lighting conditions.



I am proud to offer the highest quality papers for artists and photographers alike. The papers are of the highest quality and imported from the United States and Germany. They include photo matte and luster papers, 100% cotton fine art Hahnemühle papers with both smooth and textured surfaces, canvas, and materials including linen, cotton, satin and others.

Paper types include but not limited to:

Archival Photo Papers include Luster, Matte, and Glossy

Archival 100% Cotton Papers, Canvas and Fabrics include Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm, Hanemühle William Turner 310 gsm, Matte Canvas, Belgium Linen, Cotton Sheeting, and more.

All of our papers, like our inks, have been tested for color stability and fade resistance. For more information please visit Wilhelm Research.

I am happy to order the paper of your choice if I do not have what you need in stock.

print sizes


I can print any size up to 44 inches on the short side and 50 feet on the long side. I print with roll paper and can accommodate the size you need. If you require a print larger than 44 inches on the short side, I can work with you to create panels to be seamed together post production.



Pricing is based on the amount of print material used. It is calculated by material type and square inches of final print.

Pricing includes one set of proofs which includes a small color print of the entire image and a test strip taken from an area of the file and printed at size on the print material of your choice.

Prices are in US dollars and may be converted to Mexican pesos if desired.

Some basic sizes are listed below. For an exact quote please contact me with the dimensions of the print you would like.



I print on demand so that I do not waste papers or inks. In addition, I recycle paper scraps for proofing, small business cards and postcards. Nothing in my studio goes to waste. I print with pigment inks which use only a fraction of the water used in reactive dye printing, and zero toxins. The high quality of my work and my client based custom approach ensures that my products will last a very long time, reducing landfill and consumption.


“A professional at her work, a walking encyclopedia on photoshop, plus an amazing artist and photographer! Our experience with Ri has been more than pleasant for over 10 years now, our 1st choice always.”


—  Michael French, Hyperrealist Painter