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Congratulations on your decision to collaborate on a conceptual portrait!

Go above and beyond traditional portraiture! I will collaborate with you to create a piece of art using imagery and symbols of your choosing. We will work closely to unleash and document your wildest imagination, with an archival giclée print included as a physical manifestation of your masterpiece.

Using our expert photoshop and printing techniques we will create something special just for you!

Please fill out the contact form to get started with a complimentary consultation!


Some early brainstorming questions:

  • Whom will the portrait represent, and where will it hang (is it for the person in the portrait, or for someone else)?

  • If you have image(s) you know you want to use, please upload it/them HERE.

  • What is your idea for the content you would like in your design?

- Do you want to use photographs of objects, people, nature...?

- Do you want to use your own personal photographs?

- Do you envision specific items in your design (sky, sea, forest, personal objects ...)?

  • What aesthetic style would you like in your pattern?

- Would you like something more representational or abstract?

- Is there a color scheme you would like to follow?

- Do you prefer highly saturated, intense colors, black and white, sepia...?

Once you have a general sense of what you want we will begin collaborating to manifest your imagination. After an initial complimentary consultation I will create several proofs, then work to fine tune the one that most resonates with your unique vision.

To get started, please fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

Conceptual Portrait Consult

Thanks for submitting!

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